First Community Trip - Wadeye

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Our team have returned from our first trip to Wadeye - the largest Aboriginal remote community in the NT. Belinda and Tess set off on Sunday with the car packed to the brim with equipment. The rest of the team joined them on Monday afternoon (after a delayed flight due to fog) and they began seeing participants. It was a busy three and a half days for the team, but they managed to see 22 participants and recruited 2 local staff members to assist finding participants when the team return later in August.

Belinda and Gurmeet were delighted to see many of the participants again after so many years, and the team enjoyed their first community visit. We were lucky to be able to view some of the sporting events at the local primary school and join in on the some cultural and staffing events at the health clinic.

The team are now back in Darwin finalising data entry and specimen mapping, and enthusiastic about their first successful trip. We look forward to returning to Wadeye in a few weeks.

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