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Privacy and freedom of information

Menzies is committed to the creation, collection and retention of accurate information; and access to, use of and destruction of such information in accordance with legislative requirements. Menzies also recognises the 10 information privacy principles, as scheduled to the Information Act 2002 (the Act), which protect personal information both as a matter of individual right and to support the public interest in ensuring Menzies can collect the information necessary for its activities.

Menzies holds information relevant to the functions and operations of the organisation as described in the Annual report for a fee or free and manages this information in accordance with the Act and with the organisation’s Information and privacy policy.

Some of the information held by Menzies is published and made available to members of the public, mostly through our website.

Menzies may collect, use and store information for the following purposes:

  • Administration - the selection, recruitment and ongoing employment of individuals; the conduct of Menzies' business and commercial activities; and collaborative activities with individuals and organisations external to Menzies
  • Education  - the enrolment and ongoing management of student activities
  • Research - the recruitment and participation of individuals and communities in research projects
  • Fundraising - the recruitment and participation of individuals and organisations in raising funds for Menzies. 

Requests to access corporate information, or to access or correct personal information, should be made in writing to the Menzies’ information officer on the application form for access to information. Such requests will be dealt with in accordance with the Act and with Menzies' Information and privacy policy.